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at-risk children #StayInSchool

95% of our children are from Goverment sponsored shelter homes catering to orphaned, abused, trafficked or otherwise at-risk children. Education can give them a future of dignity.

How does this work?

SponsorMe acts as a bridge between the sponsor (i.e. you) and the children in need of assistance. We work with Child Welfare Centers and various NGO's to identify children in need of assistance to pursue quality education. We negotiate with good schools in the area to admit these children at special rates. We also work with the NGO or CWC to ensure that the children get adequate bridge courses and after-school assistance to cope up.

We Find a Child

Find a Child
Currently, the children we support fall mostly into the following categories
  • Rescued from human trafficking
  • Rescued while begging on the streets
  • Orphans or orphaned as parents are unavailable/abusive
  • Staying in an orphanage as parents can't support

You Sponsor

Sponsor a Child
As people like you come forward to help, we will have less and less children in our community who are deprived of education. Educate one child, and let's break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and crime which gets propagated through generations. Please continue the assistance through the entire school years (10+2) of the child.

Better Tomorrow

Gift a Future
Let's work towards the day where every child gains quality education, and has the right skills to pursue her dreams. Let's make sure a child isn't doomed to illiteracy and poverty, just because she wasn't as lucky as you and me in birth. Let's spread the good fortune we had that gave us the opportunity to learn and prosper.
Nila Educational Trust
a registered non-profit approved under 12AA and 80G in India

phone+91 9880 771177
mail hello@nilatrust.org
location AG3, Oasis Breeze, AECS Layout, Bangalore
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all your donations are 50% tax exempt under 80G
A/C Name :  Nila Educational Trust
A/C Type :  Savings, Domestic
A/C Num  :  33848002975
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