SponsorMe helps at-risk children & orphans #StayInSchool

95% of our children are from Goverment sponsored shelter homes catering to orphaned, abused or at-risk children. Education can give them a future of dignity.

We find a child, you ensure her a better tomorrow

We identify the children purely based on financial need and willingness to study. With your help they can fly.

100% to the child, not a penny of your money goes to administration

You will get an individual statement for the child you sponsor, about how each rupee was spent for him/her. It's our promise to not use a penny for anything else.

It's not just Pay Forward, we believe in #CareForward

Our children are encouraged to help someone in need, when they are financially stable. This gives them a sense of purpose, apart from keeping your care alive for generations.

Dignity - our children are not walking billboards

We make sure our children go to school just like any other child. We hate to brand them as charity kids or put any kind of promos on the ware we supply.

How it Works

How does this work?

SponsorMe acts as a bridge between the sponsor (i.e. you) and the children in need of assistance.
We work with Child Welfare Centers and various NGO's to identify children in need of assistance to pursue quality education. We negotiate with good schools in the area to admit these children at special rates. We also work with the NGO or CWC to ensure that the children get adequate bridge courses and after-school assistance to cope up.

Find a Child

We Find a Child

Currently, the children we support fall mostly into the following categories · Staying in an orphanage as the parents can't support · Rescued from human trafficking · Rescued while begging on the streets · Orphans or orphaned as parents are unavailable/abusive

You Sponsor

You Sponsor

As people like you come forward to help, we will have less and less children in our community who are deprived of education. Educate one child, and let's break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and crime which gets propagated through generations. Please continue the assistance through the entire school years (10+2) of the child.

Better Tomorrow

Better Tomorrow

Let's work towards the day where every child in India gains quality education, and has the right skills to pursue her dreams. Let's make sure a child isn't doomed to illiteracy and poverty, just because she wasn't as lucky as you and me in birth. Let's spread the good fortune we had that gave us the opportunity to learn and prosper.

Who we are

A short intro on people behind

We are a group of working professionals, who are out to help solve a specific problem with focus and resolve.

This started as a very small initiative to help a handful of children. When we spoke about it to friends, most of them were interested to help as well. That is how it all started. As someone rightly said - if not me, who? if not now, when?! That led us to register a trust and dedicate our time to run it. All the while, we were very clear on why we went on to help these children directly. Those reasons became our differentiators. This Trust is only about helping children in need and we do not align to or promote any religion or political party. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion, color, gender, region or any other demographic parameters. We are registered as a non-profit charitable trust in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Please read the why section below, to know more about the philosophy and thoughts based on which we operate.

Founder Trustees of Nila Educational Trust

Bhavya Shekar

Bhavya Shekar

Senior Engineer, Dell

Sini Balakrishnan

Sini Balakrishnan

Staff Engineer, Intel

Sini Mukundan

Sini Mukundan

Staff Engineer, Texas Instruments

Sajin Kunhambu

Sajin Kunhambu

Principal Engineer, Dell

Shivakumar B

Shivakumar B

Pricing Manager, Lenovo

Why Sponsorme?

Why Sponsor & Why Us

We thought you would ask. Here is what makes this different.
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the money you give a child goes to the child, to the last penny. We do not take any of it for any other purposes, not even to cover costs of running this organization. We respect your gesture to educate a child, and would not touch those funds to cover our administrative costs. That is our promise to you, and will be upheld and published via our annual accounts and audits.

All our kids are expected to, but not obligated to, take this goodness forward by sponsoring at least one child when they grow up. More than a way of repaying, we want to look at this as continuing your goodness as a chain for eternity, and as a motivation for the child to do well in studies and keep this promise.

We are aware that money alone is not enough. We make sure each child gets not just money, but moral support and mentorship as well. If you are willing to provide it, great. If not, one of our volunteers would do it.

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

You have something else to ask? Please contact us.

Preferably, yes. If there are no profiles on the site or if you want us to assign, that works too.
Yes, and it is encouraged. SponsorMe is about raising a successful individual and anything you can contribute towards that is welcome. Might have some restrictions in terms of when the CWC is willing to welcome visitors.
You will get a receipt from the trust. We are trying to register under 80G, but that process is still in progress and is unlikely to finish in time for this academic year.
We sincerely hope this doesn't happen, but do understand there could be circumstances which lead to this. In such case we would make every effort to find another sponsor for the child, on priority.
Nila takes care of education i.e. tuition fees, books, uniform and stationery. In some cases we take care of the transport to/from school as well. We also intervene on behalf of the child to ensure they get adequate support and/or bridge courses. CWC takes care of food, shelter and clothing. They also have resident tutors to assist children in the evening.
We do accept donations. When you sponsor, we call it a Mapped Fund, i.e. the money you give is earmarked for a specific child. All expenses are calculated at individual level and statement made available to you. Donations go into a General Sponsorship Fund, which too we use for sponsoring children who did not find a full sponsor.
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Nila Educational Trust
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